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My dream became a reality in 2000 when I bought my first  two purebred Falabella mares in foal. Situated in the West of Ireland .... the home of the famous Connemara pony, Miniature horses were an unfamiliar sight.

Our stud is situated beside the River Corrib on the way to Connemara. It started with two purebred Falabella mares and gradually grew to its present large family of miniature horses and miniature Shetland ponies.

The aim was to breed and produce for showing at a high standard. As with all ventures there are ups and downs along the way. This is also the case where animals are concerned. Every year a breeder has highs and lows and must accept this as normal, but not give up their original goal.

Miniature horses and ponies were only beginning to get popular in Ireland and were considered as ornaments or something to have in place of a lawnmower. That has all changed and now owners are selective and particular about their mares and stallions and are willing to pay big money for a special  breed, colour or type. We all know we can buy a top class miniature but to breed a winner from your own stud is very rewarding. 

I hope you will enjoy browsing through my website and meeting my minis.  They are now part of my life and of my family. The joy of seeing your first newborn foal of the year never fades. It is something special and an unforgettable experience.









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